APEC Singapore 2009

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The APEC Singapore logo depicts the 21 APEC economies coming together to convene at a single point, working towards unity, cooperation and synergy among member economies to advance common interests.

The Spark is made up of 21 strokes representing the 21 member economies. It signifies the dynamism within the APEC community, and a catalyst that inspires new ideas and initiatives to further the vision of APEC.

APEC 2009 Theme

1. The theme for Singapore's chairmanship of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in 2009 is "Sustaining Growth, Connecting the Region". This theme reflects the continuing efforts of APEC to facilitate trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region, efforts which have gained even greater importance in the face of a challenging global economic environment. Singapore will discuss with other APEC member economies measures to support economic growth, address the global economic crisis, support the multilateral trading system, accelerate regional economic integration, and strengthen APEC.

Addressing the Economic Crisis

2. Addressing the current global economic crisis will be one of APEC's key priorities in 2009. The global economic situation has deteriorated significantly since APEC Leaders met in Lima in November 2008 for the APEC Economic Leaders'  Meeting. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is forecasting global GDP growth at 0.5% this year, sharply down from the 2.2% it had forecasted in November 2008. APEC 2009 will bring together, for the very first time, APEC trade and finance senior officials, in February and July 2009, to discuss fiscal and monetary measures to help businesses and workers tide over the economic crisis. Previously, APEC trade and finance senior officials have had separate meetings on their respective trade and finance agenda.
Supporting the Multilateral Trading System

3. APEC 2009 will also discuss how APEC can support the multilateral trading system in a year where global trade is expected to fall by nearly 3%, the first contraction since 1982. Securing a global deal will not only help deliver new trade flows but also provide a firewall against protectionist pressures by locking in levels of access for trade and investment flows.

Accelerating Regional Economic Integration

4. Singapore will work closely with other APEC member economies to accelerate regional economic integration, "at the border", "behind the border" and "across the border".

5. For a start, APEC will look into intensifying work to reduce trade and investment barriers "at the border". This includes making the rules of origin of existing free trade agreements more business-friendly, identifying possible vehicles for a future Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and deepening analysis on the impact of an FTAAP.

6. Second, APEC will look into improving the ease of doing business by simplifying business regulations "behind the border", to make it easier, faster and cheaper to start a business, get licenses, trade across borders and also to carry out other business functions.

7. Third, APEC will look into improving logistics and transport networks to enhance physical connectivity "across the border", to further reduce the time, cost and uncertainty in moving goods along the entire supply chain.

Strengthening APEC

8. In 2009, APEC will continue its strife to be the premier forum for economic integration and cooperation within the Asia-Pacific region, as well as an effective platform for business sector engagement.

9. We will continue with our efforts to strengthen and professionalise the APEC Secretariat so that it is best equipped to implement the work set out by APEC Leaders, Ministers and Senior Officials. Most notably, in 2009, APEC will bring to fruition its plan of appointing a fixed-term professional Executive Director to provide continuity in leadership at the Secretariat.

10. APEC will also continue to find ways to streamline its activities and explore innovative meeting formats to foster more informal interaction and meaningful exchange among member economies.

11. APEC will seek to forge closer partnerships with the business community by, for instance, creating more synergies between the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) process.

Events Calendar


Event Date
APEC 2009 Symposium
From 14-10-2008 To 16-10-2008
Grand Hyatt Singapore
APEC Expert Group on Energy Demand and Analysis
From 14-01-2009 To 15-01-2009
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
Senior Officials Meeting (SOM I) and Related Meetings
From 13-02-2009 To 26-02-2009
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore
APEC TEL 39th Working Group Meeting
From 13-04-2009 To 18-04-2009
Suntec Singapore
APEC Expert Group on Energy Efficiency and Conservation
From 14-04-2009 To 15-04-2009
APEC Secretariat Office, Heng Mui Keng Terrace
APEC Supply-Chain Connectivity Symposium
From 16-05-2009 To 17-05-2009
Swissotel The Stamford Singapore
Committee on Trade and Investment 2 & Subfora Meetings
From 18-05-2009 To 23-05-2009
APEC Secretariat Office, Heng Mui Keng Terrace
34th Tourism Working Group Meeting
From 27-05-2009 To 30-05-2009
The Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel
2009 APEC Climate Symposium
From 12-07-2009 To 15-07-2009
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference (SCC)
From 13-07-2009 To 15-07-2009
Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel
SOM 2, SFOM 6 and MRT
From 15-07-2009 To 22-07-2009
Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
SOM 2 - Related Meetings
From 23-07-2009 To 08-08-2009
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore
Transport Working Group Meeting
From 27-07-2009 To 31-07-2009
Raffles City Convention Center
Secure Trade in the APEC Region Conference (STAR VII)
From 30-07-2009 To 31-07-2009
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore
APEC Trading Ideas Symposium
From 30-07-2009 To 31-07-2009
Furama Riverfront Hotel
APEC Customs-Business Dialogue 2009
From 01-08-2009 To 01-08-2009
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore
Women in Digital Economy
From 03-08-2009 To 03-08-2009
Raffles City Convention Center
14th Women Leaders' Network Meeting (WLN)
From 04-08-2009 To 05-08-2009
Raffles City Convention Center
Advance Visit Leaders Week
From 07-09-2009 To 09-09-2009
Suntec Singapore
Small and Medium Enterprise Working Group (SMEWG)
From 03-10-2009 To 07-10-2009
Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
Small and Medium Enterprise Ministerial Meeting (SMEMM)
From 08-10-2009 To 09-10-2009
Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
Leaders Week
From 08-11-2009 To 15-11-2009
Suntec Singapore / Istana

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