Zhang Lijun addressed at the launching ceremony

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Zhang Lijun addressed at the launching ceremony of CAA's new site construction on April 5, 2009

Distinguished Secretary Wang Guangya, leadership, entrepreneurs, fellow guests,

Good Morning!

Today, we are here to open a new chapter for the development of China APEC Academy, which all sorts of feelings well up in my mind. All of this that stand in front of me just like what happened yesterday. Time flies, China APEC Academy is also about to usher in her 7th birthday and I am so gald we can give her this birthday present.

Since we undertook the task of building the Academy, we have never stopped to make efforts to complete its construction task. In the implementation of the coordination mechanism between government, business and academia, and according to ARTICLES OF CHINA APEC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, we have absorbed the outstanding entrepreneurs with representation in different industries as board members who are keen to take part in promoting the APEC process in China and are willing to make active contributions to it. Entrepreneurs’donation to Nankai University Education Fundation gave support for the development of APEC. During this period, we had the confusion and deared not to set foot. It was the government's support, AEPC's rapid development, particularly those entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm inspired our motivation, and we were moved by the dedication spirit of these entrepreneurs. Today, at this historical moment, please allow me, on behalf of China APEC Development and myself, to pay tribute to the following entrepreneurs and their enterprises that made a positive contribution to APEC. They are Zhang Jieting, Yu Zuosheng, Liu Lin, Ou Huanlun, Jin Liangshun, Wang Donghai and Chen Maochun.

Today, we are here to unveil the launching ceremony of China APEC Academy’s new site construction, and in the near future, the new building of China APEC Academy will not only improve the hardware environment of the Academy, but also promote its normative development fundamentally. In improving the hardware facilities, we believe that with support of the government, Nankai University will build it as a national-level APEC research base and strive to achieve the goal of budiling it as “an research and education institution with dual functions of both R&D and high-level specialized personnel training as well as the international influence”.

At present, China faces the global economic crisis and APEC has entered a critical period of development. All this has put forward new and high requirements for the Council and the Academy. In the future, under the guidance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with support of various government departments, the Council will carry out innovative work under the framework of the coordination mechanism between government, business and academia, and actively organize and coordinate the outstanding enterprises and all social circles to participate in the trade and investment liberalization and carry out international exchanges between enterprises in APEC member economies, human resources capacity building and conduct economic theoretical research, etc. Through the coordination mechanism, it can ensure the cooperation between the triple parties to be most effective.

Today, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of APEC, China APEC Development Council has successfully completed task of raising funds for budiling China APEC Academy. It is f an important milestone, but the APEC work has a long way to go. Therefore, we will continue to will forge ahead with our efforts for continuous innovation to meet the new tasks and challenges.

We are still here to announce that China APEC Development Council’s official website WWW.CHINAAPEC.ORG has been released. This platform will become an indispensable ring to promote China’s involvement in the APEC process under the coordination mechanism between government, business and academia.

Finally, on behalf of China APEC Development Council, I wish China APEC Academy get better and better.

Thank you!