Wang Donghai donated for excellenct teachers

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On the eve of Teachers’Day, 12 teachers for senior 3 received RMB 1,000 award respectively from Donghai Love Education Foundation for their great efforts to cultivate the student Zhang Mengmeng who was admitted by Beijing University. Other 13 teachers such as Ding Yanxiu and Jiaojing also received RMB1,000 respectively.

Founded on August 30, 2007 at Yongqing County, Donghai Love Eudation Foundaion is the first non-public fundraising education foundation in Hebei Province. The original funds of RMB 200,000 was donated by Wang Donghai, Chairman of the Board of Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. Every year, the foundation will aid financially to students lived in poverty or aid financially to schools in poor conditions. In recent years, Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. has donated money and goods for the public welfare undertakings, in total over RMB 20,000 and re-settled more than 250 laid-off workers.