Jin Liangshun rewarded as "2008 Person of the Year of Zhejiang Province"

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Jin Liangshun delivered acceptance speech

The year 2008 was an extraordinary and eventful year for China. The country experienced a variety of severe challenges and tests that were hardly anticipated and rarely seen, such as Sichuan earthquake, Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the global financial crisis. The extraordinary events created a number of outstanding entrepreneurs. On January 11, 2009, the award ceremony of “2008 Person of the Year of Zhejiang Province” was held in Zhejiang Daily Group Building. Jin Liangshun, President of the Board of Jinggong Group, was granted the award and invited to attend the ceremony.

According to the information revealed by the anizing committee, since the inception of Person of the Year of Zhejiang Province Selection in 2005, it has been successfully held for 3 sessions and it is the fourth this year. As a high-end selection of financial figures, it aims at seeking the most concerned, most active and most influential economic figures in Zhejiang Province, combing and summarizing for the annual economy of Zhejiang Province, and at the same time trying to prospect the trend of Zhejiang economic development through the activity.

The award ceremony of 2008 Person of the Year of Zhejiang Province was not only the climate of this selection but also a gathering for business leadersof Zhejiang business sector at the close of this year and the beginning of the next year. In the ceremony, Jin Liangshun and other business persons who are the most representative figures in Zhejiang business sector displayed the hardship of theirsleves and Zhejiang economy, and also make prospect for the following year’s economic situation together with Zhejiang provincial leaders and economists and expored the way for Zhejiang enterprises to deal with.