Liu Lin serves as President of Beijing City University

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Recently, approved by higher education administrative departments, Liu Lin takes over Fu Zheng Tai as president of Beijing City University.

Liu Lin, 37 years old, is working in Beijing City Univesity since he has graduated from Renmin University of China in 1995. He successively served as deputy director and director of department of higher vocational technology, director of informatics department, assistant to the president and director of recruiting students and empolyment, vice president and director of unversity campus, vice-secretary of the Party Committee, executive vice president and director of undergraduate preparation office. Since January 2006, he was appointed as secretary of the party committee and executive vice president, and now he serves as president and secretary of the Party Committee.

Liu Lin is the member of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, the inspector, member of All-China Youth Federation, vice president of China Association of Private Education. He has been rewarded as the title of “experts entitled to Government Special Allowance” and “National Outstanding Eudators” as well as “Beijng Top 10 Outstanding Youths”.