Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang visited Jinggong Group

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Jin Liangshun accompanied Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang to visit Jinggong Group

In recent days, Zhang Dejiang, Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese Vice Premier, visited Jinggong Group and was accompanied by minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong, the Vice Secretary-general of the State Council Xiao Yaqing, President of China National Light Industry Association Bu Zhengfa, Zhejiang provincial leader Lu Miner, Shaoxing municipal leaders such as Zhang Jinru, Qian Jianmin, Xu Huanming, Chen Yueliang and Feng Jianrong.

During the visit, Zhang stressed the need to enhance confidence in the crisis, the opportunity to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, scientifically analyze and determine the current economic situation, speed up structural adjustment and product innovation, strengthen marketing, do everything possible to consolidate the market, develop new markets as well as expand the market, accelerate the new economic growth points in order to enhance enterprise competitiveness and risk-resisting ability, and strive to realize the new development and the new progress of the enterprise.

On March 31, Zhang Dejiang came to the subsidiary Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technological Co., Ltd. to see its response to the financial crisis and its operations. Zhang Dejiang and his entourage visited the final assembly shop of building material and machines, JJL500 Solar Polycrystalline Silicon Ingot Production Furnace, unmanned helicopters, sea water desalination and other science and techonology innovation achievements. Leaders visited the company as they listened to the report by Jin Liangshun, President of the Board of Jinggong Group.

During the visit, Zhang Dejiang also stressed that the key for the development of enterprises is to have a good leader. Entrepreneurs are the most valuable talents, so we have to respect entrepreneurs and care about them. He thought that the fact of the growing private enterprises in Zhejiang Province indicated that it was necessary to innovate, strengthen the main industry and constantly open up the market for the development of small and medium enterprises. In face of the global financial crisis, it is not only a serve challenge but also a good opportunity for Jinggong Group that is brave in exploration and innovation.

Innovation is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. Over the years, Jinggong Group takes "innovation” as the soul and foundamental way out for its development, which has been practiced in management, R&D, capital operation, marketing, etc. It has implemented the double-wheel driven of industrial operation and capital operation, walked up the road of innovation and gained the market and reputation.

With the dual challenges of global financial crisis and domestic development transition, Jinggong Group put forward the guidelines of “Seize opportunity, adjust structure, and strengthen management”, forming the industry pattern of three dominant industries of steel structure building, equipment manufacturing, Shaoxing rice wine as well as three cultivation industries of automotive manufacturing, general aviation services and real estate development.