Beijing City University

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Beijing City University (BCU) is an undergraduate university officially approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It focuses on undergraduate education and, at the same time, conducts higher vocational education based on professional training. Founded in 1984 as Haidian University, BCU was the first non-governmental university with its credentials acknowledged by the State since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Since its establishment, BCU has earned a reputation as an institution of higher education with its unique characteristics committed to developing high-quality talents to serve the needs of fast-developing, modern metropolis. Always with the philosophy of fostering practice-oriented talents, BCU has established its role in exploring Chinese higher education system reform. Throughout its more than 20 years of development, BCU holds a significant number of achievements, which cause it to rise sharply among famous universities in Beijing, and is now regarded as one of the best non-governmental universities in China.

Beijing City University is one of the fastest growing colleges and universities in Beijing since reform and opening up. Initially, a primary school building was rented to start BCU in 1984 because no funding was available for the land and teaching buildings at that time. Several middle school teaching buildings nearby were later leased by BCU. It was not until 1992 that BCU could afford to construct its own teaching facilities and expanded during the last 20 years with its infrastructure gradually improved. The University has a main campus located in the Haidian District of Northwest Beijing and two other campuses. The campuses occupy a total area of approximately 363,000 square meters, housing complete infrastructure that includes teaching-buildings, auditoriums, stadiums, laboratories, libraries, student housing, sports facilities, internship centers, research centers and several University extension service centers. The University currently boasts more than 140 on-campus laboratories and off-campus training workshops including an Electronic Information Engineering Lab, a Gemstone Appraisal Lab and an Information Security Lab among others. The University Library has a collection of over one million books and great progress has been made on the campus Intranet to facilitate electronic transfer of information.

BCU currently has an overall enrollment of approximately 28,000 students. The University is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of its students. The University offers students the opportunity to gain a quality education in an environment that allows them to develop to their fullest capacity. In order to promote the maximum potential of the students, BCU has a teaching staff with vast work experience and with graduate degrees from the best universities in China and the world. The faculty is specially selected for their entrepreneurial mentality and as models of a solid, ethical education. The teaching staff is highly qualified and dedicated, and well prepared to meet new market demands. This teaching quality is complemented by its structure, which makes possible the constant introduction of new knowledge and its consequential application in the labor market.

The university has a team of almost 2,000 instructors with the full-time and the part-time included. Over fifty percent of more than 800 full-time faculty members possess senior titles or master and doctor degrees. The invited professionals are relatively stable. Most of them are excellent instructors from universities and institutes nearby and outstanding front-line experts from production, construction and administration. Among them are many well-known celebrities and authorities. The university attaches great importance to education research and scientific research. Over the years, nearly 1,300 dissertations are published and more than 110 treatises and textbooks are put out. We are taking a leading position in the fields of higher education run by the local publics, higher vocational education, artificial intelligence, and information security and so on in China. Some of the books and treatises are awarded national and Beijing municipality prizes.

Since its foundation, the University has endorsed an open attitude towards cooperation and international networking, which has been demonstrated through the establishment of these principles in the various strategic plans and in the programs and activities that have been implemented. Through the years the University has committed to alliances with universities from more than 20 countries in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. The range of cooperation is broad: the more simple ones being an exchange of students, complex ones include the establishment of joint degree programs. Aside from creating the means for international cooperation, BCU also actively participates in international exhibitions and various conferences both on a regional and global level.

The university enjoys a good reputation in the society. Distinguishing features of school operation and high education quality make the university a popular university for registration for years. The graduates are well known among different employers in Beijing for their “strong adaptability, various applied skills and high quality”. According to the five years continuous statistics done by Beijing Municipality, the employment rate of our university has been among the top five of over 60 universities and colleges in Beijing. A large number of graduates are emerging to become core members and successful stars.

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