Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

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Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 by Maochun Chen, a demobilized army cadre who organized veterans to establish the company with its headquarters in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. After 20 years of development, Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with its subsidiary companies including Hebei Xinghua Iron and Steel Company, Hebei Xinghua Iron & Steel Rolling Company, Hebei Xinghua Real Estate Company, Hebei Xinghua Environment-friendly Materials Company and Fujian Xinghua Trading Company, has developed into a comprehensive industrial group. With total assets of more than 8 billion RMB and over 5,000 employees, the combination of five core industries - iron and steel smelting, steel rolling, real estate development, environment friendly materials as well as international trade has made the group highly competitive as a cross-regional, cross-sectoral and highly diversified industrial group.

Hebei Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Wuan City, Hebei Province, China. The enterprise covers an area of 1000 mu (6,000 acres), with an annual output of 2,000,000 tons of iron, 2,000,000 tons of steel, and 2,000,000 tons of other materials and the power generation capacity of 200 million KWH. Its total annual production is valued at ten billion RMB and pays several hundred million RMB in annual taxes. The company engages in sintering, iron smelting, power generation, steelmaking, rolling mills and oxygen production. It is brased on scientific production process, rational layout, advanced equipment, convenient logistics and hign quality products to ensure superior performance at all levels. In 2007 the company was recognised as one of the top hundred enterprises in Hebei Province and in 2008, the company was appointed as a board member company of China APEC Development Council.

Hebei Xinghua Iron and Steel Rolling Company has a rolling mill streamline and a section bar streamline with an annual production of 2,000,000 tons in rebar, round bar, H beam, I-steel, channel steel and angle steel. Its product includes seven varieties of products covering 76 specifications. The company holds a “National Industrial Product Manufacture License” issued by the Government. Products are sold in 20 provinces including Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Fujian, Zhejiang, etc. to a total of more than 20 provinces, and also sold overseas.

Hebei Xinghua Environment-friendly Materials Company has set up three factories including a slag powder factory, concrete mixing factory and stone materials factory. It produces 3,000,000 tons of slag powder annually, which was ideatified by the Minstry of Construction as one of 10 new technologies and having good market prospects. The concrete mixing factory is the large-scaled concrete production and supply base in Danwu Area and the stone materials factory is the only one who holds “mining license" in this area. The three major environmental protection elements in this project makes the enterprise one of the area’s most modern environmental protection facilities.

Hebei Xinghua Real Estate Co., Ltd. foucuses on high-end real estate developments and integrates construction and decoration, hotels, shopping malls, business trade and property management as a whole. It has built the city landmark- Fortunne Plaza in the center of Wu’an City with a philosophy of “five-star hotels, five-star offices, five-star apartments, five-star shopping malls and five-star security facilities", which is a large-scaled commercial project combining office, hotel, residential, commercial, leisure with entertainment.
The Fujian Xinghua Trading Company integrates shipping, logistics, stevedoring, warehousing, distribution and commission sales as a whole, with its subsidies including Fuzhou Xinghua Trading Goods Yard, Mindong Huanglan Terminals and Mindong Shengzi Market.

The company seeks to build a strong brand name by combining standardised management, the development of recycling technologies, sustainable development and excellent in product quality. The company also serves the interests of China by actively developing overseas markets and meeting national and local goals for modernisation, internationalisation of large enterprises and the development of the private economy and effectively revitalise national industries.

The company seeks to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, the full implementation of standardized management, highlight environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction as well as develop recyling economy in order to go the path of sustainable development, strive for excellence and create a strong brand. The goal of the company is to serve the country with industry and to Benefit People's Livelihood, actively develop overseas markets in order to build a modern, internationalized large-scaled private enterprises and make contributions to the development of private enterprises and the revitalization of national industries.

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Add: West City, Shangtuan, Wuan City, Hebei Province
Postcode: 056300
Tel: 86-310-5173999
Fax: 86-310-5173988