Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd.

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Established in December 2001, Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. is a diversified, large-scaled enterprise engaging in gas transmission and distribution, gas pipeline network operation, construction and installation of gas engineering design. Now it is mainly responsible for the natural gas transmission and distribution for resident and industrial use in Langfang, Sanhe City, Wuqin District, Tianjin.

Since its establishment, the company has seized the historical opportunity and established the gas sales as the core business of the company.The company has obtained the operating licenses for market development in five districts and counties, and set up branches including Guan, Dachang and Xianghe as well as Wuqing Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd.

For  the different situations, the company has laid the natural gas mian pipeline network centering on Langfang downtown and 7 industrial parks including Guan Industrial Park (provincial level), Sanhe Yanjiao Industrial Park (provincial level), Dachang Xiadian Industrial Park, Dachang Qigezhuang Industrial Park, Langsen Industrial Park of Xianghe Anping Development Zone (provincial level), Xianghe Ruisheng Industrial Park and Wuqing Development Zone (national level), gradually formed a criss-cross, strong gas supply network with adequate gas sources for all types of users to be connected to ventilation at any time. In addition, Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. has made long-term, stable relationship with Huabei Petroleum Administration, Shaanxi-Beijing Gas Transmission Pipeline of China National Petroleum Corporation, etc., providing a strong support for the secure and stable joint gas supply pattern of “Multi-Source Natural Gas for Complementation”.

Currently, the company’s existing pipeline for gas transmission and distribution reaches the length of 800km, consisting of 193km high voltage pipeline and 310km medium voltage pipeline, with daily natural gas supply capacity of 1million cube. Its business covers more than 1 million residents and over 200 industrial and commercial users. The registered capital was 120 million RMB, and the current assets amounted to 380 million RMB, which can generate 40 million RMB and pay taxes about 18 million RMB.

The company and its branches have been granted the honored titles for many times, such as “Special Contributuion Award” for its support for local economic development, “Excellent Unit for Safety Production”, “Excellent Unit for Urban Construction and Administration”, “Excellent Taxpayer Enterprise”, “Creditable Unit for Customers”, etc., receiving favorable comments from local government and people.

As the restructuring of energy speeding up, the company will seize the opportunity to speed up the construction process of urban natural gas pipeline network in order to further develop the application fields of natural gas. The company is planned to achieve the daily gas supply amounted to 400, 000 cubic meters in a year for industrial users, 15% of the gas utilization rate and realize the daily gas supply for 1,750,000 cubic meters , which will provide strong support for the rapid and sustainable development for the local economy. The company’s goal is to build as a comprehensive, large-scaled private enterprise focusing on clean energy with strong competitiveness.

At present, the company is in the rapid development stage integrating with international market. As a professional natural gas company with global outlook, it has had business negotiation with several multinational companies on cooperation. The company leaders paid close attention to and actively participated in international conferences and business visits. Now there is an urgent need to have this APEC platform to establish a wide range of connection with international market, absorbe advanced technology and management experience from abroad, study the news of the international energy market in order to adapt to the rules of international trade; it is planned to rationally use and expand the foreign demand, vigorously explore the international market, develop bilateral and multilateral regional cooperation to expand the business space and field of the company; it needs to know, grasp and use the standardized means to avoid and control the risk of the international energy market, effectively guard against operational risks and protect its legitimate rights and interests. It is to expand the influence and product visibility and significantly enhance the international competitiveness of Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd.

Looking to the future, the era of clean energy has come, so Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd. will pay great efforts to build as a national fisrt-class, international renowned clean energy enterprise to realize an age-old dream of the company, namely, to build a strong, efficient, harmonious Baichuan in order to serve the people with persistent efforts.

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